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Siding-So Much More than Beautiful!

When it comes to siding for their home, most people make the decision to install household siding when the house needs painting. That’s a good, valid reason to install siding; your maintenance costs, including your invested time, will go down drastically! Siding, with the broad choices of enduring color, textures and styles will ensure your home looks its best for many years to come, the most labor-intensive maintenance being a wash with a garden hose or power washer. It is clean and beautiful and will do what a paint job will do, but will last for much, much longer.

However, good looks is not the ONLY reason you should install vinyl siding. Think of it as a marriage; your vinyl siding is designed to last for years, through good years and bad, in extreme heat and cold, in sickness and in health, ‘til death…and longer… (and will have lower maintenance costs than your better half J).

Insulated Vinyl Siding:

Reduces Energy Costs—Insulated vinyl siding will result in humongous savings in your energy bills. Even poorly insulated vinyl siding is better than no siding at all, but installing the newest, greatly improved options for siding is like wrapping your home in a thick, downy, comforter. This insulated cocoon WILL reduce your heating and cooling costs, though putting an actual number on your savings can be difficult. It depends largely on the age of your home, its current insulation levels, the quality of the materials currently on your home and the choices you make when it comes to installing new vinyl siding. The 2013 Insulated Siding Energy Performance Study provides the most updated information on the energy efficiency of professionally installed insulated vinyl siding.

Is Better than Ever—Vinyl siding has improved over time. Once available only in a few basic colors and with limited options for insulation, todays insulated siding keeps its shape better. Today’s siding is improved to better withstand the ever-changing temperature extremes, reducing seam or gap failure; it provides better protection against moisture build up and the resulting complications.

Is a Planet Friendly Option—Starting with the manufacturing process, fewer toxic chemicals and dioxins are released into the environment from factories than with any other exterior cladding material. Lighter weight than other options, like wood or steel, even transportation uses less fuel. Vinyl is also completely lead-free and recyclable; vinyl siding, as well as scrap vinyl from other manufacturing processes, is able to be recycled into more vinyl siding. In addition, it will not rot over time, which means once in place, you may never have to replace it again. And by far…the “greenest” aspect is the reduction of your carbon footprint; the reduction of energy consumption, something YOU can control, and which will be evident from the first full month’s energy bill after you’ve given your home a face-lift.

So, NOW is the time to be thinking about upgrading your home’s exterior. If you are grumbling about high utility bills, if you are looking forward (or not) to painting, if you are if you want to invest in your home, raising its value and its aesthetic appearance, NOW is the time to explore your options.

Just give us a call. We’ll provide a free estimate, answer all of your questions, recommend design options and work within your budget. We have multilingual experts, so don’t let a language barrier stop you. We are committed to you and to upholding the highest ethical standards. We strive to provide only the very best quality, workmanship and customer service.

Simply Contact Us to get started. You can also call us at 260-589-9044 or visit us at 9116 S SR 116, Geneva, IN 46740. Our fax number is: 260-589-9045. We will gladly answer any questions you may have and schedule your free estimate, if that is what you wish.

We, at New Look Exteriors look forward to serving you.

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