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New Windows and Patio Doors Improve Energy Efficiency…

…And will make your home look simply ahhh-mazing!

Old windows and patio doors are one of the biggest energy wasters in your home. Just due to the seams that are inherently necessary when installing these essential and aesthetic options to your home, eventual deterioration due to weather, age and settling of your home’s foundation will result in leaks around the edges. Yes, weather stripping and caulking can go a long way towards reinvigorating those seals around aging windows and patio doors, and can make a difference in your energy consumption. However, there is will always be a point where caulking (again) or replacing weather stripping (again) will not help.

One of the first signs that you must replace your windows will be condensation between the glass planes of your double-paned windows. This usually results from age, often occurring years and years after the initial installation, though damage to the glass itself will also cause this vacuum to fail. You may barely notice it, except when extreme temperature changes causes it to be really noticeable, but over time this moisture will leave behind a residue which will result in an ugly, opaque, white film that cannot be cleaned off…because you can’t reach it.

What you cannot see, is that this breach in your double-paned windows is costing you money every single day. Gone is that cushion of air or gas between the panes that has reduced the amount of heat or cold that transfers between your home’s interior and the great outdoors. Now it is just basically two panes of glass, which is only marginally better than having one pane of glass.

Another indication of the need to replace your windows is the age of your home. Homes settle over time, though that settling may barely be noticeable. The places where it will be most evident are the seams around your windows and patio doors. Even if you can’t see daylight around the edges of your patio doors, you can place your hand against your patio door seam on a cold day and feel the cold air blowing in. You can do the same with your windows, though the draft may not be quite as large, the seams of your windows being smaller than what your patio doors are. However; the truth is that ANY leak, no matter how small, is costing you money.

So, when is it time to replace instead of caulking? If you caulked in the last couple of years and you can already see the caulk separating, either indoors or out, creating space between the window frame and the wall, it is time to replace those windows. When windows are replaced, new frames are put in place, matching the exact dimensions of the windows NOW, not what it was ten or twenty years ago. Any settling will be taken into account, the new installation ensuring a secure, airtight fit that will last for years to come.

You can, of course, replace windows yourself, though in the case of an aging home, we highly recommend a professional. Buying the same size window and frame and installing it in the same hole will ultimately result in the same fit…unless you know what you are doing. Your windows will definitely look better…but in a year or two those pretty new windows will most likely be leaking around the edges just like the old ones. At least they’ll look better while costing you money!

Are you thinking of refinancing or selling your home? There is quite a debate over the benefit you will see from replacing your windows. There is no clear cut answer, as it depends greatly upon the comparables in your area, the age of your home, its current curb appeal, etc. Some real estate agents think it is a waste, which it might be in a newer development; however, if you live in an aging home and none of your neighbors have replaced their windows; the result could be considerably less time on the market and an increased selling price. If you are refinancing, you can expect the new windows to be valued at about 60% of what you paid; take into consideration the energy savings over the long term for a home you plan to stay in for an extended period.

Yes, there is a lot to consider and we agree that it is wise to make an informed decision.

We use only Vinyl Kraft Windows and Doors. They come standard with Super Spacer® and 7/8” insulated glass. These windows and patio doors deliver superior thermal performance and increased energy efficiency, in addition to their fantastically good looks. You will have your choice of a variety of styles when choosing your:

  • Sliding Patio Doors
  • Tilt and Slide Windows
  • Bow Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Double Hung Windows or
  • Sliders

Each of which are available in a variety of finishes:

  • White
  • Tan
  • White Interior/Brown Exterior
  • Light Oak
  • Dark Oak
  • Cherry and
  • Additional custom colors

And all of which are customizable with these options:

  • Foam filled frame and sash
  • EK2 or EK366 glass
  • Argon or Krypton Gas Fill
  • Pre-insulated foam frame wrap and/or
  • Triple pane glass with double Super Spacer® glass technology

So, consider giving us a call. An estimate will not cost you anything and you may be amazed at how little your new windows and/or patio doors will actually cost.

We KNOW you will LOVE the energy savings and the way they look—EVERYONE does!

Visit our site:

Give us a call: 260-589-9044

Get the facts first and then make your decision.

We look forward to meeting you and serving you,

The staff at New Look Exteriors and Matt Stoll, proprietor

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