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What Can Gutter Covers Do For You?

Gutter covers, a.k.a. gutter guards, save you time and money. Hate cleaning gutters? We don’t know of anyone who doesn’t. Having gutter covers installed will keep debris out of your rain gutters. Additionally, gutter guards save you money by keeping your rain gutters running freely, mitigating any damage caused by blocked or overflowing gutters. Inspect [...]

Siding-So Much More than Beautiful!

When it comes to siding for their home, most people make the decision to install household siding when the house needs painting. That’s a good, valid reason to install siding; your maintenance costs, including your invested time, will go down drastically! Siding, with the broad choices of enduring color, textures and styles will ensure your [...]

New Windows and Patio Doors Improve Energy Efficiency…

…And will make your home look simply ahhh-mazing! Old windows and patio doors are one of the biggest energy wasters in your home. Just due to the seams that are inherently necessary when installing these essential and aesthetic options to your home, eventual deterioration due to weather, age and settling of your home’s foundation will [...]

Rain Gutters for Your Home: DIY vs. Professional Installation

Rain gutters, for most areas of the country, are a necessity. They collect and carry rain water away from the foundation of your home where running water can cause erosion and leak into the basement or crawlspace, often causing hidden damage and contributing to the growth of unhealthy mold. Water running off your roof can [...]

Protect Your Most Treasured Investment, Your Home

Your home is most likely your most expensive investment. It is well worth protecting, regular maintenance and upkeep being your priority…and ours. Whether you are a home owner or a contractor, we are here to serve you, sharing with you our 20 plus years of extensive and varied experiences, as well as our professional expertise. [...]

Windows, Siding, and Gutters Contractor

With 21 years of experience, we’re a company dedicated to quality and service. From gutters to siding to roofing and more, New Look Exteriors is excited to meet the needs of homeowners and contractors alike.  We serve residents across Northeast Indiana including Fort Wayne, Bluffton, Berne, Decatur, Geneva, Portland, and Marion.    We also serve [...]

Seamless 5-inch & 6-inch Gutters

We know how important gutters are in maintaining a clean, safe household. Our professionals install seamless, 5-inch and 6-inch gutters on residental and commercial buildings.  Maybe its time to replace those worn down gutters, give us a call at 260-589-9044.